Commissions are currently open! Please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your request. But before that, see below for the available options/samples, their corresponding prices, and some important guidelines.

Note: If you’re interested in my services for a specific project (e.g. illustrations for books, original character design, posters, book covers) you may visit my profile at Upwork.


For chibi and full-color commissions, you may choose from the following styles:

FLAT COLORS (anime/comic style, simple shading):

VECTOR (lineless art):

TRADITIONAL (pastel/watercolor effect):


  • I WILL draw:
    • fanart
    • OC’s
    • ships, groups, AU’s crossovers, etc.
  • I will NOT draw:
    • NSFW and gore
    • mecha/anthros/furry (i don’t have enough practice/experience for these)
    • anything involving character/OC/fandom hate
  • For OC’s – please provide a clear visual reference. This could be a sketch of the character, or a written description with reference/inspiration pictures.
  • Simple elements such as titles, names, text/quotes or logos can be added to the artwork free of charge. For commission types with an option for plain backgrounds, feel free to request a specific color/gradient/pattern.
  • I have no fixed art style yet, but I can work using the art styles above. You may also check my illustration portfolio to see the range of styles I can do. For already completed commissions, click here.


  • Prices range from $15 USD per full-color illustration depending on complexity/details of the design.  Please email/use the contact form below to inquire more.
  • All payment will be done via Paypal.
  • After receiving your request via the contact form below, I will send you an acknowledgement via the email address you used in the form and discuss the details of the request.
  • Once details have been confirmed and finalized and prices agreed with, I will send an invoice via Paypal. I will begin working on the commission after the invoice has been paid. Your payment will serve as your reservation in the queue.
  • Commissions can take between 2 days to 1 week to be completed depending on complexity, but I will work on them in order of payment date/time.
  • Once I am finished, I will send you a high-resolution file of the artwork both with and without backgrounds (transparent); the dimensions will be at least 8.5″ in size and in 300 dpi.
  • You may print, crop, edit and use the image as wallpaper/icon/sidebar/header/etc, as long as it is not used for profit.
  • However, I will upload the designs in my art portfolio and online shop should I choose to.
  • I reserve a right to refuse any request that I deem offensive or am not comfortable with.

Commission Form

Please use the form below to send the details of your request.
If there is no response from me a week after you submitted, you may follow up and email:

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