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★ Freelance digital illustrator /
graphic, print & web designer


Alison de Silva. She/Her. 1993. Lipa City, PH
★ Freelance digital illustrator, graphic, print & web designer and hobby writer.

I am a self-taught artist specializing mainly in character illustration and design with different vibrant colors and styles. I create both fan and original content as part of various personal projects.

Selected merchandise of my art are available in TeePublic.
Digital/printable goodies are also available at my Gumroad store.
Currently, I am accepting art commissions for personal use.

If you enjoy my art, you can follow me on social media or buy me a ko-fi!

Commission Info

I am currently accepting digital art commissions for personal use. Find samples, rates & guidelines here.

(includes one character & plain background)

Half Body-$20
Full Body$15$25


Per Character+$10+$15

*background prices may increase depending on complexity

NOTE: These rates do not apply for printable DIY's (pop-up cards & papercraft) but I am accepting commissions for them. Prices would vary depending on complexity and design. Please drop an inquiry via the contact form with what you have in mind.


  • I WILL draw: fanart, OC’s, ships, groups, AU’s crossovers, etc.

  • I will NOT draw: NSFW and gore, mecha/anthros/furry, or anything involving character/OC/fandom hate

  • For OC’s – please prepare visual reference. This may be a sketch of the character, a written description, or reference/inspiration pictures.

  • Simple elements such as titles, names, text/quotes or logos can be added to the artwork free of charge. Feel free to request a specific color/gradient for plain backgrounds.

  • I reserve a right to refuse any request that I deem offensive or am not comfortable with.


  • Payment to be done via PayPal.

  • Please use the contact form provided to let me know your commission details.

  • Indicate "Art Commission" as your subject. For other questions or offers, such as projects, please also use the contact form and indicate "Inquiry".

  • After receiving your request, I will send you an acknowledgement via the email address you used in the form and discuss the details of the request.

  • Once details have been confirmed and finalized, I will send an invoice via Paypal. I will begin working on the commission after the invoice has been paid.

  • Final piece will be at least 8x8" size and in 300 dpi.

  • You may print, crop, edit and use the image as wallpaper/icon/sidebar/header/etc, as long as it is not used for profit.



For more samples, visit the gallery.

Let me make art for you!

If you encounter any issue with the form or would like to follow up on a request,
contact me at

Contact Form

You may use this form to get in touch with me.
For art commissions, please make sure you have read my commission info before proceeding!

If you encounter any issue with the form or would like to follow up on a request,
contact me at

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If you encounter any issue with the form or would like to follow up on a request,
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