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★ Freelance digital illustrator /
graphic, print & web designer


Alison de Silva. She/Her. 30+. PH
★ Freelance digital illustrator, graphic, print & web designer and hobby writer.

I am a self-taught artist specializing mainly in character illustration and design with different vibrant colors and styles. I create both fan and original content as part of various personal projects.Selected merchandise of my art are available in TeePublic.
Digital/printable goodies are also available at my Gumroad or my Ko-fi Shop.
Commissions are currently closed, but will re-open soon (follow my Twitter for updates).
If you enjoy my art, you can follow me on social media, or buy me a ko-fi!

Commission Schedule & Info

See below for my commission schedule for 2023.
Slots opening will be announced through my Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram & Ko-fi feed).
Check my Ko-fi Commissions page for pricing and for current availability.


- Submit your commission details and settle payment via my Ko-fi Commissions page.
- If your request is not covered in the options, or you would like a more custom commission, use the contact form (link below) to send an inquiry for proper pricing. Indicate "Art Commission" as your subject. Payment will be via PayPal Invoice after details have been agreed upon.
- Once I receive your request, I will contact you within the same week to confirm your commission and to ask for any details or clarifications.
- For Ko-fi Commisions: if the commission is more complicated than expected, or has additional details not covered in Ko-fi, I will send a PayPal invoice for any additional fee needed. Rest assured we'll be discussing this first, and if you're unsure about your commission, feel free to message me to ask. :)
- Commissions can take from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on my schedule/availability. A draft sketch will be sent for your approval prior to working on the final piece.
- Please note that I reserve a right to decline working on a commission I deem offensive or am not comfortable with. If you've already paid via Ko-fi, I will send you a full refund via PayPal.
- If I don't reach out within 7 days from submitting your request, you may contact me via any of my social media, my website contact form.

Usage & Privacy

- All finished artworks are for PERSONAL use only.
- You may crop/edit it to use for icons/wallpapers/headers/fic promo etc. You may also give them away as gifts. Please do not remove my watermarks or signatures!
- I am entitled to post the art in my social media and/or portfolio. I usually include the requester's name/handle on the post, but you can let me know if you wish to stay anonymous and I won't tag you. :)
For Printable DIY designs
- You may print them out and produce them for use as gift boxes, giveaways, activities, etc. as long as they are not sold for profit.
- With the exception of OC's, I may ask to make them available for Free/Pay-What-You-Want in my Gumroad and Ko-fi shop after finishing it.

If you encounter any issue with the form or would like to follow up on a request, contact me via e-mail at [email protected].

Contact Form

You may use this form to get in touch with me.

**NOTE: Commissions should be submitted via Ko-fi Commissions.
Please use this form only for requests not covered by the Ko-fi Commission options or for more custom requests.

If you encounter any issue with the form or would like to follow up on a request,
contact me at [email protected].

Thank you!

Your message has been sent!
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you encounter any issue with the form or would like to follow up on a request,
contact me at [email protected].